buttons, clouds, smiles, soft colors, music, motion, ink, bright lights, grass, moonlight, stars, bodies of water, antlers, long hair, trees, pencils, red, lace, rooftops, kittens, eyes, brick, smoke, sunrise, hats, glasses, white, sunflowers, daisies, the smell of roses, banjos, warm vanilla, painted nails, trains, words, carousels, heights, lions, birds, light pink, rhymes, dawn, whispers, pictures, keys, spinning, rain, books, yarn, leather, hands, blues, loose diamonds, frames, fonts, roads, shade, falling, leaves, big windows, coffee, piano, yellow, fireworks, magic, timezones, lists, nostalgia, The Trapeze Swinger, wondering, blondes, shine, halloween, freckles, hills, playgrounds, wooden things, green tea, Something Vague, projectors, autumn, stone, harps, wells, watercolor, dresses, backseats, rollercoasters, greens, mythology, long driveways, exit numbers, guitars, avocados, postsecret, a softer world, beaches, staircases, backyards, cilantro, trampolines, poetry, benches, cul-de-sacs, band shirts, walks, fur, lanterns, hotels, wheels, chandeliers, laughter, heartbeats, transparency, sweatshirts, sleeping, safety, skies, merry-go-rounds, apologies, raspberries, coats, lighters, goodnights.

I guess it's easier to just make scattered lists than to attempt to be descriptive.